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YadZooks is the Universal Hub of All Things Real Estate.


When you first login, you'll find yourself on the main menu.  We'll come back and look at some of the other features later, but for now, let's just click on [Edit Profile Page] and get started.



You'll find eleven tabs.  We're going to focus on the first seven for now:

- Home - Credentials
- Contact Information - Services
- Connectivity  - Locations
- Bio   

We'll deal with the others later.

1. Home- There is nothing to do on the home tab other than to track your progress.  Note the red thermometer.  The objective is to get the thermometer up to 100% Farenheit.  You accomplish that by filling out the form.  So let's get started.

2. Contact Information-  This one is self explainatory.  Input your demographic info.  Realize that the information you inut here (except your E-mail address and username) will be shared online.  If you don't want to advertise your home addrss, just leave that field blank. 

3. Connectivity- This is the most complex tab.  It's where you make the connections to the greater web.

4. Bio- In the free version, you're limited to 300 characters in the bio.  This is about two and a half sentences--enough to say who you are and what you do.  

5. Credentials- Select your credentials from the list.  They will be displayed on the front end as clickable links.  Consumers can click to see a short explanation of what that credentials means.  You can not edit the credentials.  If you have a credential that you would like added to the list, please click the [Suggest Credential] link.

6. Services- The Services tab works similarly to the Credentials tab with one exception: you control the content.  Because each service is a product that you provide, you control the content.  We recommend that you take the time to fill out each field with a complete advertisement for you providing that service.  These fields will accept fonts, colors, graphics...even video.

7. Locations-

Once you have your profile built, you'll want to start promoting it and you can't control what you can't measure.  So let's go there next.